Welcome to the POP program


Welcome to the POP program. The POP program gives central role to the students to explore, reflect and discover various fields that interest them by accessing resources and a variety of work functions. It is a process that starts early in a student’s High school life through a program called personal orientation project that begins in secondary 3. The development of their career identities carry on throughout their lives as a result of the foundation of new competencies such as competencies 1 the student carries out a process of career exploration. Competency 2 the student contemplates his/her learning and work possibilities they acquire through pop class. These are the two competencies that we are being evaluated on the whole year.

In pop class we are assigned different tasks and projects concerning are career choices
we are also thought how to use the internet and we are being introduced to new sites such as Career cruising, E-pearl, Academos, etc. Where are tasks and projects have to be done and handed in. We are also being asked to write a journal on how we feel after every tasks and projects we have completed.


Copyright is a term used to describe rights given to creators for their written and artistic works. This includes the right to prevent others from copying someone else work. Copyright does not protect all forms of information against all forms of copying but it provides a useful piece of rights that may apply to protect information on the Internet. One type of copyright organization is Creative Commons. Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their work with the freedoms they want it to have.

What is a Digital Student?

A Digital Student is someone who does everything online, for example all their work isDone online, they hand in all their work online, and you can also attend a school online.For Example in our POP classroom we hand in all our work that we have done online on a site called e-pearl. Also we have our student portal that has all our outlines of work that our teacher put on the portal so we know what to do for a project or any assignment we have.